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Franchise Opportunities - Overview

One System, Multiple Programs.

The Whole Child Franchise opportunity is unique. A business that makes a positive difference in the lives of children, is inexpensive to run, and ultimately flexible to develop the work-life balance you desire.

We are offering a bundled option of all programs for $29,500.

  • Low startup cost
  • Low overhead - No commercial location to maintain
  • Extensive initial training in your territory and ongoing support
  • Proven marketing system
  • Comprehensive online franchise management tool
  • Continuous curriculum development by our Educator Development Team
  • The most innovative enrichment programs available
  • Multiple disciplines offer maximum flexibility in the marketplace

Be Your Own Boss !

Experience the advantages of a low cost, home managed business in the children’s educational sector.

  • Services are low cost, high value
  • Affordable classes are successful across the socioeconomic spectrum
  • Build a client/customer base enrolled in ongoing classes, creating consistent revenue
  • High student retention rate – once children enroll they stay enrolled
  • Seasonal and special event programs boost revenue
  • Multiple programs + a variety of formats =  flexibility to respond to the needs of your market
  • In demand - parents continue to spend on education in the current economy
  • Security - you will never fire yourself