A unique health and fitness program that teaches
life skills and gets kids moving again. 

Busy Bodies and Yo Yo Yoga

Why should you enroll your child in a physical education class such as Busy Bodies or Yo Yo Yoga?  Don’t kids automatically acquire motor skills as their bodies grow and they mature?  To a certain extent this is true, but in order to master movement skills and build upon them to be able to successfully participate in sports and physical activities, young children need specific, purposeful movement instruction. Not only does exercise improve physical health, it has an impact on cognitive and academic achievement and today’s kids are far less active than they should be. Movement classes such as Busy Bodies and Yo Yo Yoga can help kids feel comfortable and competent as they develop skills and confidence.

Many important “academic” skills are also taught through Busy Bodies and Yo Yo Yoga including,

  • color, number, shape and letter recognition
  • spatial awareness and concepts such as over, under, right, left, fast, slow, etc.
  • math concepts such as counting and comparison
  • literacy concepts through stories

Yoga helps children develop:

  • space awareness
  • strength
  • flexibility
  • relaxation and self calming skills
  • positive self-image
  • positive values such as acceptance, appreciation, compassion, contentment, enthusiasm gratitude, honesty, hope, imagination, love, respect, responsibility and more