Little Amigos

Littlle Amigos is a wonderful way to introduce your child to a second language while his or her brain is most receptive to language acquisition. Children will learn vocabulary, hear and understand Spanish spoken by fluent speakers, and develop an appreciation of other cultures through fun, engaging activities. Our fantastic teachers make learning Spanish fun for young children. Kids love Pepe the monkey puppet, our adorable class mascot. They also love the songs, games and art projects that are an integral part of each class.

Benefits of Learning A Foreign Language

The ability to understand and speak another language is a tremendous advantage, but did you know research shows children who learn a second language:

  • Demonstrate enhanced listening and memory skills
  • Are more creative and better at complex problem solving
  • Have an innate ability to acquire the rules of any language
  • Develop cross cultural skills and awareness
  • Demonstrate divergent and higher order thinking skills