The Whole Child Learning Company has been a positive experience in my life because I have two small children and this franchise has allowed me to have the flexibility to stay home with them. I bought this franchise while I was pregnant and I have done well as an owner. You can grow the business at your own pace. Nobody pressures you with quotas. I make more money owning this franchise than I did as a public school teacher and I work fewer hours, leaving more time for my family. I am amazed at how fun it is. I feel very lucky that I have been given the chance to own this business because it is difficult to find an opportunity in education with this much growth and enrichment potential.

Good Luck,
Amanda Fowler

The Whole Child Learning Company franchise has given us the opportunity to own our own business with all the support we need. We have had the opportunity to interact with so many children throughout the years of teaching. It is rewarding to watch a child grow through the extracurricular activities we offer. The WCLC franchise fits so well because it allows us to spend afternoons, evenings and weekends with friends and family and we just bought our first house! It has allowed me to work from home instead of traveling to an office. I chose this Franchise because I worked for another owner previously and really enjoyed the teaching aspect of it all. This Franchise has a low start up cost and the "team" is easy to reach with any questions or concerns.

Allison Denton

I first started teaching Gigglebytes® classes in San Antonio 5 years ago, before the company even started offering franchises. I feel I have a unique perspective having seen the company grow from the inside. When I had the opportunity to buy a franchise, I jumped at the chance! Matt Barron and Dan O'Donnell have been great to work with and I can reach them anytime I need help. There is nothing I would rather be doing and I have no regrets. In addition to owning this franchise, I teach at the university level. My husband and I agree that this has been a very good investment of our time and money.

I love the flexibility that this franchise gives me to spend time with my husband and pursue other interests and it is great to have the help and support when I need it!

Meg Bushar